I tell you a story. Or rather... the beginning of a story.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. This little girl loved drawing, painting and loved art, beautiful dresses and... she loved dancing. As much as when she got bigger, her parents sent her to a fashion designer school. There she learned drawing, painting and there she learned about art and to design and to realize beautiful dresses... and it was the same period when she started dancing flamenco. As she grew and years were passing, fashion and flamenco became her two passions. These two passions weaved together and the girl kept weaving her dreams. She created beautiful dresses for herself and little by little for other ladies in the castle, they used them for dancing. She noticed the dresses had a magic power: in the beautiful dresses ladies danced even more beautifully. The girl, seen the magic power and their dance, decided to make many of these dresses to make the dancers feel special. So she made thousands of them, she was designing, cutting, sewing day and night, and gave it to all the dancers in the castle. But then she had an idea: anyone could wear her dresses, even people outside the castle. Why not to send her creations even to castles of any other country?

The continuation of this story is this web page. And the girl in the fairy tail who is weaving her dreams, is me, Gabriella Házi. Fashion and flamenco dance are my never-ending passions. It has been 5 years that I make dresses for dance performances and customized practice skirts for dance lessons. As I dance as well, I know how important is the comfort and the easy use of the dresses for various movements in dance. All dresses, realized by myself, are unique and handmade, can be customized and reproducible in standard sizes. I would like those people who wear my dresses while dancing to feel special. And therefore to feel free, which is essential in dance.

Feel special!

Gabriella Házi

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